Surveillance video shows suspect used murder victim’s ATM card

Courtesy: Honolulu Police Department

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Honolulu police say the murder of a local realtor and actress was no random act.

HPD released surveillance video showing an unknown person using the victim’s ATM card.

The card belonged to 56-year-old Mary Beth San Juan, whose body was found Tuesday night in front of her Punahou Street home.

Police say she was stabbed multiple times and wrapped in a carpet.

So far, they don’t have a suspect, but they do have the surveillance video from an ATM at the Manoa Marketplace, showing someone taking cash from her bank account early Monday morning.

“We believe it may be a male dressed in female clothing,” HPD Maj. Richard Robinson said.

The video shows the man covered from head to toe, blocking his identity.

“I think the person is wearing heavy clothing. I think if you look closely at it, down by the ankles, you can see some leg. They appear to be rather skinny,” Maj. Robinson said.

Police say he knows what he’s doing, using San Juan’s pin number to withdraw cash from her bank account.

They say the motive in her murder is robbery, but did not say if anything was taken from her home.

“We do not believe this case is a random act. We believe there is some sort of connection between suspect and victim, which is what we’re looking at in this investigation,” Maj. Robinson said.

Investigators are combing over three key crime scenes looking for clues:

  1. San Juan’s Punahou home where she was found. They think she was killed sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.
  2. The First Hawaiian Bank where the suspect uses her ATM card early Monday morning.
  3. Kalakaua Avenue across from the Kapiolani Band Stand, where her 2013 Mercedes-Benz was found.

The same car that was driven to the ATM by the man in the video is on another surveillance video police are not releasing.

“Stalls are like this and the car pulls across it, so it would stand out from a regular car parked there,” Maj. Robinson said. “The video we have from that, you really can’t make it out. You just see a shadowy figure get out of the driver’s door. You can’t tell if there’s multiple people in there.”

Police say San Juan’s ex-husband is not a suspect at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.

San Juan’s son, Philip, posted a lengthy message on Facebook saying his mom had nothing but praise and love for his dad, and expressed amazement at the love that’s been shown to his family since her death.

“I know my Momma would be so amazed, and who knows, maybe she is right now, by the startling Love that all of YOU have shown in coming together for her and her family and her home.

I am amazed at how much Love there is… I know that is all that Momma MB ever wanted, was to be able to share that Love with Everyone and make sure Everyone is OK.

It’s up to us now to continue her work, which in actuality, was pure joy and play. SHINE the Love that YOU are and BE who you LOVE to BE. There is no greater gift and I KNOW that my Mom wants that for absolutely EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY whoever killed her. As hard as it may be to hear or even understand, I know my Mom, and I know that she never wished ill or hurt against anyone. That includes whoever committed this act. Instead, she always sought to choose a better way, the way of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, AND FORGIVENESS. I know that she wished so much to live in a World that holds these qualities as its highest values, and sought to help in its creation. I know and I feel, so much, that so much good can come from this situation, for everyone, especially her friends and family but also for the place she called home.

I say this for her, because her and I are the Essence of one another, Best Friends, Mother-Son, and the same Heart, it is for YOU, if YOU want to live an absolutely AMAZING life and leave this world a better place than when you first found it.

DARE TO BE YOU, NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS MAY SAY, DO, OR CHALLENGE, DARE TO BE YOU, THE YOU THAT LOVES LIFE, WHO LOVES TO SHARE THEIR UNIQUE GIFTS. DARE TO BE YOU! Because without YOU, the REAL YOU, the world won’t change for the better. DARE to be kind, and forgiving, ESPECIALLY to yourself, no matter what you’ve done, real or imagined, because YOU are so precious, and there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t feel that and share that with others who need you too.

Please also, if you are feeling that you want to give in some way, express your feelings via a facebook message to my Dad, A San Juan. We all need the support of one another at this time but especially he. My Mom has had nothing but praise and love for him, especially during the last few years of her life. It is especially hard for him now, and I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this, but he has made it his life’s mission to provide and care for the people he loves, especially his family. So please, keep sending your Love, especially to my Dad! Please, share with him how YOU knew MB and how she affected YOU.

Another way you can give would be stopping by my Mom’s old place on Punahou street and leaving your Love there, something Beautiful and True, in whatever form that may be. And please, message me if you want to visit and share with me or my Dad or both of us.

I Love You, Each and Every One of You. I am so lucky to be my Mother’s Son, and to have the opportunity every moment to be a better person, a kinder person, a more real person. For me, for her, for You, and for ALL, I Breathe AloHA”

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Video courtesy: Honolulu Police Department

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