Hawaii Red Cross prepares for TS Flossie

American Red Cross
American Red Cross

The Hawaii American Red Cross and their local volunteers are on stand by to respond to Oahu, Maui and Hawaii in response to tropical storm Flossie.

Volunteers are prepared to open shelters in partnership with the respective County.

The Red Cross is encouraging everyone to be prepared before disasters strike: Get a disaster kit, make a plan and stay informed.

Families are asked to bring their own disaster supplies kit to a shelter, if asked to evacuate.

The Red Cross recommends having seven days worth of supplies at home to shelter in place or in a compact portable container to take to a shelter.

People who live or work within the Tsunami Evacuation Zone, should have a three day Disaster Emergency Kit ready.

A Family Disaster Plan Template is available on redcross.org.

The Red Cross advises people to stay informed and listen to local media to keep updated on the status of tropical storm Flossie. Be aware of hurricane shelters nearby and visit local civil defense websites to find more information.

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