Maui and Oahu counties preparing for Flossie

All county facilities on Maui will be closed on Monday in anticipation of the storm.

This means that all county parks and offices, including the “Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing” offices and “Satellite” offices, will be closed.

“We still do not have word from the Department of Education as to whether or not the shelters will be open or not at the schools,” Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa said. “We will not be using the Civic Centers as shelters because many of them have a lot of glass and the strong winds may destroy some of the glass.

Automated trash pick-up for Maui County will operate as usual.

Oahu County Civil Defense says it will activate its Emergency Operations Center at 6 a.m. Monday morning.

It says that Flossie is large enough that it’s likely the entire island of Oahu will be affected.

“We’re planning right now for the possibility of sheltering operations,” Honolulu Dept. Of Emergency Management John Cummings said. “We’re planning for post Flossie damage estimates to see what happened, you know, how bad the impact on the city.”

Cummings says the Emergency Center will remain activated until Flossie dissipates or until it’s no longer a threat to Oahu or the state.

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