Gov. Abercrombie: Directors may determine release of employees due to Flossie

File: Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Gov. Neil Abercrombie announced Monday all department directors have been delegated the authority to determine whether to release employees from work due to the effects of Tropical Storm Flossie.

“Given the uncertainty about the effects of the storm and the diverse nature of departmental operations at each location, our directors are in the best position to make this decision,” Gov. Abercrombie said. “Each department will assess then determine the employees who can be released and, if so, when the release is appropriate.”

The administration anticipates the release of some employees in Maui and Hawaii Counties today and/or tomorrow, to the extent the storm progresses as currently anticipated. Directors may determine whether employees on Oahu and/or Kauai should be released tomorrow and/or later in the week.

The following categories of employees are unlikely to be released from work, barring unforeseen circumstances:

  • · Departmental Disaster/Emergency Coordinators
  • · Disaster Response Workers
  • · Employees whose work involves continuing operations/services, such as hospital workers, correctional workers, etc.

For more information visit, the State of Hawaii website.

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