Flossie weakens to a post-tropical remnant low

Sunrise after the storm in Waikapu Maui.
Sunrise after the storm in Waikapu Maui.

Satellite data and surface observations show that there is no longer any organized thunderstorm activity nor a well-defined center of circulation and is no longer a tropical cyclone.

According to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, at 2 p.m. Tuesday, the remnant of former tropical depression Flossie was located about 225 miles northwest of Lihue. The system is moving toward the west-northwest at about 18 miles per hour. There is a near zero percent chance of redevelopment.

The National Weather Service says a flash flood watch has been cancelled for all Hawaiian Islands. The areas of heavy rain associated with the remnants of Flossie are now moving offshore.

This is the last public advisory issued by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center on this system.

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