Hawaii residents affected by Flossie can fill out damage report

Civil Defense Logo
Civil Defense Logo

Hawaii State Civil Defense and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs share some tips following Flossie’s path over the Hawaiian Islands.

REPORT:  If your home was impacted by the storm, contact your county civil defense/emergency management agency to report damages: Hawaii County 808-935-0031, Maui County Civil Defense 808-270-7285,

City and County of Honolulu 808-723-8960, Kauai 808-241-1800. Some agencies may also have damage report forms online.

It is important for emergency management to have a full picture of damage from Flossie, but be aware that reporting damages at this stage does not mean you are registered for government aid.

RECORD:  Take pictures of any damage to your home or business. Keeping good records will help with any damage claims you make through insurance and can make it easier to qualify for aid if it becomes available. You will want to capture any flood water heights in your home or business (place an identifiable object next to water marks for scale); any wind damage (take pictures of what has blown off and where it blew off from); as well as damage to personal property such as electronics and furniture.

REVIEW: Your insurance policy and contact your insurer. Should you have any questions, or your insurer denies a claim you feel is covered by your policy, contact the Hawaii Insurance Division at 586-2790.

Tropical Storm Flossie is a good reminder to check your insurance policies to ensure you are properly and adequately covered, to take pictures of your possessions and make an inventory list which will assist you in filing a claim in the event of a loss.

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