State Department of Land and Natural Resources examine issues with windward trails

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is addressing two hot-button hiking trails Lanikai Pillbox and Maunawili Falls in windward Oahu.

Residents living at the foot of both trails have complained about excessive crowds, illegal parking, vandalism and safety concerns.

Shutting the trails down are the last options on the list.

The state is exploring how much they want to get involved and any land constraints they may be facing.

“The pillboxes trail we’re doing a survey up there right now, property survey. Just to make sure we know exactly where our easements are and whether or not the trail is actually in the easement and then what rights and responsibilities the easement gives us in terms of regulating these trails,” State Forestry and Wildlife Manager Dave Smith said.

For the Maunawili Falls Trail, the DLNR is selecting a consultant in the next month or so to help develop a conceptual master plan.

That plan could entail building a parking structure, adding signage and improving the trail itself.

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