Popular swimming area near Poipu Beach closed due to strong rip current

Nukumoi Point
An eroding sand bar that leads to Nukumoi Point off Poipu Beach is creating a dangerous rip current. Signs have been posted to warn beachgoers of the hazardous conditions, and lifeguards will be advising swimmers to stay out of the water in that area.

Kauai Ocean Safety officials are alerting the public about a strong rip current that is occurring off Nukumoi Point, a rocky islet off Poipu Beach.

“A tombolo, or sand bar, that usually exists between the shoreline and Nukumoi Point is a popular attraction for beachgoers,” Ocean Safety Bureau Supervisor Kalani Vierra said. “However, strong ocean conditions created by Tropical Storm Flossie have eroded the sand bar, and that erosion is causing an extremely dangerous rip current from the shoreline out to the point. As a precaution, Poipu lifeguards are prohibiting swimming in this area until conditions improve.”

Signs have been posted at the beach to warn beachgoers of the dangerous rip current and lifeguards will be advising swimmers to stay out of the water in this area.

Instead, swimmers are encouraged to swim in calmer waters fronting the Poipu lifeguard tower.

For up-to-date information about ocean conditions and other outdoor activities please speak to a lifeguard, visit www.kauaiexplorer.com, or call the Ocean Safety Bureau at (808) 241-4984.

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