HAWAIIGAS warns customers of gas meter impersonators


HAWAIIGAS is warning its residential customers about a scheme involving an individual impersonating a HAWAIIGAS employee in an attempt to gain access to their property.

At least one incident was reported in the east Honolulu area where a customer was brazenly approached by an individual wearing blue coveralls who arrived in a white unmarked truck. The impersonator claimed to be from a company called Hawaii Star Energy and was hired by HAWAIIGAS to read the customer’s meter. The impersonator then requested access to the property.

Hawaii Star Energy is not an actual company and HAWAIIGAS does not hire third-party entities to read meters.

The company wants to remind its customers that all of its employees wear a HAWAIIGAS patch on their coveralls and carry a HAWAIIGAS ID badge. Employees also drive vehicles clearly branded with the HAWAIIGAS logo. Customers are asked to call (808) 535-5933 if they suspect suspicious activity or have any questions.

HAWAIIGAS would also like to remind customers not to provide personal, confidential, or financial information to any unidentified individual, and to be cautious when responding to phone calls and report any suspicious activity to their respective police department.

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