Ukus in school: Simple solutions to rid keiki of lice

It’s back to school time – reading, writing, arithmetic and – – ukus!

Parents and teachers are being cautioned to watch their children for head lice.

The staff at Parents and Children Together or PACT says a simple, safe and inexpensive option if your child does get ukus, is to put together a solution of half listerine, and half shampoo without conditioner.

“You pour that on the head, for about ten minutes cover it up and then afterward, rinse. It’s the combing with the uku comb – that really helps. combing every day for at least an hour,” said Kalista Marbou with Parents and Children Together.

The Department of Education says there is no firm policy on sending children home from school if they have head lice.

However, they will be sent home until the problem is solved.

It’s also important to note that all bedding and areas where the child’s head has made contact be thoroughly cleaned.

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