Public invited to meeting about Oahu Cemetery crematory update

One of the oldest cemetery’s in the state is asking for permission to update its crematory.

The Oahu Cemetery provides cremation services for most of the island.

Their facility is 100-years-old and they want to upgrade to a cleaner more efficient technology.

In asking the state for permission, it’s opening the doors for criticism from nearby residents.

“These new units have automated features in them so we are able to monitor and minimize any emissions that come out of the stacks,” Oahu Cemetery and Crematory Board of Trustee Scott Power.

“There will still be emissions, and that is the whole point. There will be emissions and it will still affect the community,” said neighbor Edmond Lee.

The state Department of Health says preliminary assessments show the new units comply with air quality standards.

A public hearing is set for Aug. 22 at 5:30 p.m. at  Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School Cafeteria at 49 Funchal Street.

Additional information:

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