Groundbreaking ceremony held for Honolulu airport improvement project

Honolulu International Airport - Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Honolulu International Airport is about to undergo a major makeover.

The state Department of Transportation Airports Division will be making various improvements to the airport as part of Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s New Day Work Projects, which addresses critical infrastructure needs.

Not only will it improve the airport, it will also bring jobs to the state.

“We’re adding construction jobs, thousands of construction jobs and we’re lowering the unemployment rate,” Gov. Abercrombie said.

“It is about efficiency and it is about being cost-effective, and at the end of the day ensuring that the guests that transit — whether they be kamaaina or visitors — have an airport system that again is world-class and we can all be proud of,” said Blaine Miyasato with the Airlines Committee of Hawaii.

The improvements include a new employee parking lot, widening of several taxilanes, and a consolidated rental car facility.

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