City restoring more bus routes

The city is handing down more changes for a busy bus route between Liliha, Waikiki, and the University of Hawaii.

The city will begin running Route 13 more frequently to allow for more passengers to grab a seat.

The city did its first set of bus restorations in March and then again in May. Sunday will be the last round of improvements for now.

“Buses that leave from Liliha come into Chinatown, to Waikiki and up to University of Hawaii. They came every 20 minutes now every 15 minutes and response has been very positive,” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

The city is looking at other revenue sources to make more route improvements down the road including the possibility of adding advertisements to the outside of buses.

But the Outdoor Circle says just like billboards on building, doing so would be illegal.

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