Contract impacts UH Athletics workers

A labor dispute affecting dozens of employees at the University of Hawaii Athletics Department could also impact student athletes.

About 40 workers have been forced to give up overtime pay after a memorandum of agreement with the Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA) union expired on June 30.

This impacts the university’s facility workers, ticket staff, and athletic trainers.

“In athletics there are always times when people need to work over 40 hours and thus the previous MOA covered them in terms of how they were being compensated for their overtime,” said UH Athletics Director, Ben Jay. “What we’ve asked is for our staff is to make adjustments in their schedules to cover during a 40 hour work week whether it is flex time or whatever like what happened to taking a looking to make sure we are serving our student athletes.”

One of the known casualties from the dispute is that the weekly Norm Chow Monday press conference is not expected to be held this season in order to avoid overtime hours by staff members in the sports information department.

Jay says he is personally working to resolve the contract issue.

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