AAA Hawaii: State gas price remain flat for week, but show recent signs of increase

The state’s average price for regular gasoline remained unchanged compared to a week ago, but it has increased by a penny compared to Wednesday, according to the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch.

Locally, gas prices have shown a similar pattern — either remaining flat or increasing slightly compared to last week, but increasing from Wednesday.

The Hawaii state average for regular unleaded is $4.33 per gallon, which is the same as last week, four cents more than last month and three cents less than on this day last year.

Honolulu’s average price is unchanged for six weeks at $4.24 a gallon for regular unleaded — also unchanged from last month and a penny less from a year ago.

In Hilo, the average gas price is $4.27 per gallon, unchanged from last week, 13 cents less than last month and two cents more than this time a year ago.

Wailuku’s average is $4.55 a gallon, a penny higher than last week four cents below last month and 23 cents more than the price last year.

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