Customers complain about odor at DFS Galleria in Waikiki

Some customers of DFS Galleria in Waikiki are complaining of a stinky situation.

They contacted KHON2 after noticing a strong odor at the busy shopping complex in Waikiki.

Customers describe it as a sewage smell.

There are eight air filters on the ground floor trying to deal with the situation.

Managers on site are being tight-lipped. They would not tell KHON2 where the smell is coming from, how long the problem has been going on, or if it’s safe for customers to be inside the building.

“It doesn’t smell that good. They’re trying to fix it though. I can see they’ve got big air things in there. They’re trying their hardest, I think, just that it doesn’t smell good,” DFS Galleria customer Rhonda O’Connell said.

Both the city and state say it’s up to the property owner to take care of any problems.

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