Honolulu police officer injured, 2 men stabbed during fight in Kalihi

Just after 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police were called to the intersection of North School Street and Aupuni Street in Kalihi on reports that 50 people were fighting.

The President of the United Puerto Rican Association says a private baby birthday party was being held in their social hall Saturday night.

Daniel Sanchez Sr. says some people who were drinking across the street wanted to crash the party, but were told they weren’t invited.

So the party crashers got upset, picked up rocks, and started throwing them at the party-goers who were outside. He says that’s how the fight started.

The United Puerto Rican Association shares a parking lot with Mexico Restaurant.

“Pretty crazy. Some of them had wooden sticks, just going at it. Traffic going by had to stop, go around them,” Mexico Restaurant employee Christian Cervantes said. “That’s when the first officer responded and came up the street, stopped, parked his car, he tried to come out to stop the fight. I guess when he tried to stop the fight, somebody must’ve attacked him because he went down. Once he went down within 30-40 seconds, all the police responded. the cops just merged against everybody and the guys still kept going at it. A lot of them had to be tasered down.”

Police say the 51-year-old officer was attacked from behind and was hit on the head with an unknown object.

The officer, plus two men in their 20’s who had been stabbed were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

No one has been arrested yet in connection with this case.

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