Statue of admiral unveiled at end of WWII anniversary

End of World War II anniversary

World War II officially came to an end 68 years ago.

On September 2, 1945, the Empire of Japan signed the Japanese instrument of surrender in Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri.

Monday, the anniversary was remembered at a ceremony, at the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

“The war meant a lot to me. I grew up as a young person during the war years. And I was stationed in the ulithi, a place in the South Pacific that most people haven’t even heard of but all the fleets were there,” Navy veteran Alden Stephens said.

A nine-foot bronze statue of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz — who directed the war in the Pacific — was also unveiled.

It will be permanently installed in Pearl Harbor at Pier Foxtrot 5, the pier where the Missouri stands.

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