Several labor unions endorse Rep. Colleen Hanabusa for U.S. Senate

U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa received the endorsements of the Hawaii Laborers Union, Local 368, United Public Workers AFSCME Local 646, Hawaii Masons Union, Local #1 and Local #630, the Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local 293, and the Hawaii Longshore Division -Statewide, in her race for the United States Senate.

“On behalf of our over 5000 members and retirees, the Hawaii Laborers Union, Local 368 endorses U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa for her race for United States Senate,” said Business Manager Secretary-Treasurer Peter Ganaban.

“We are proud to endorse U.S. Representative Colleen Hanabusa and support her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Throughout her career as an attorney, State Senate President and member of Congress, Colleen has stood with organized labor and gone to great lengths to fight for our members and their families,” said Dayton M. Nakanelua, UPW’s State Director.

“Colleen Hanabusa has dedicated her career to helping people like our members,” said Ricky Tamashiro, President of the Masons Union. “She has been a powerful advocate for labor, and we know that we can count on her to continue speaking strongly for us in Washington and to build a better future for Hawaii.”

“We’re doing this on behalf of our membership, because we believe in Colleen and trust her ability to deliver for our workers,” said Arthur B. Tolentino, Business Manager and Financial Secretary-Treasurer of the Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Union. “Colleen has a long, proven record of standing for and with organized labor and Hawaii’s hard-working families and serving as a strong, committed advocate for their interests. We are proud to endorse her in this campaign.”

“Colleen has always been there for us and we will always be there for her. We are supporting Colleen because she has always fought for labor, as an attorney, State Senate President, and member of the Congress of the United States. She is a Waianae girl, born and raised in Hawaii, and comes from a hardworking family. She understands what our members go through and what their families need to make it in Hawaii. We are proud to endorse her and look forward to helping her campaign for the U.S. Senate,” said Nate Lum, Hawaii Longshore Division Director, and Tyrone Tahara, Business Agent and Chair of the Divisions PAC.

“The men and women who work in these trades know the challenges facing working families and recognize my long commitment to supporting labor and fighting for Hawaii’s families. I take great pride in standing beside them as we work toward a better Hawaii and a stronger nation,” said Hanabusa. “I am very proud and humbled to have been endorsed by these unions and I would like to say Mahalo to their members and their leadership.”

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