UH Lab School students meet Hokulea navigation team

With just nine months before Hokulea and Hikianalia embark on the international portion of their worldwide voyage, students at the University Lab school got a chance to hear first hand from navigators and apprentice navigators about to be tested.

Those young navigators are about to voyage deep sea. They will be out of sight of land and find an island for the first time.

That island is Nihoa, north of Niihau.

They will leave Kauai at the first good winds likely this weekend and navigate by the heavens the stars, wind, clouds, and ocean swells.

UH Lab students also got a chance to ask the group questions on Friday.

“There’s always some sense of are we ready, have we trained enough, are we prepared. You can study forever and you’ll never be ready, but I think we have an amazing team of young apprentice navigators from neighbor islands, Maui, Kauai so we’re going to do this together,” Jenna Ishii, young navigator.

Through the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s outreach more than 12,000 school children and community members have visited the Hokulea and Hikianalia in the past three months.

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