Hawaii arborist killed in 9/11 attacks remembered

Bench in honor of Christine Snyder

Placing flower pedals at the base of a bench, a seat put there in honor of Christine Snyder. Putting a single lei on that bench as a final act of the morning.

“Coming out, remembering a friend, neighbor. It’s one of the smaller forgotten memorials. That and Christine, the trees that were planted for her too,” Snyder’s friend Aaron Kam said.

Aaron is talking about trees planted just a few months after Christine was killed. Hundreds gathered at Ala Moana beach park to honor the Outdoor Circle arborist with a mass planting.

“She was a fun person. She loved the outdoors.  She loved being an arborist.  She was coming back from something she loved, a forestry conference, and coming back to family, and never made it,” Kam said.

Aaron remembers it took several days before he found out about Christine’s death.

“It wasn’t for a little over a week, cause we weren’t living next to each other, but family friends and eventually you find out,” Kam said.

Snyder was one of the thousands of victims killed on that September day.

“It was just very emotional. and then having a few days of no air traffic, except for the national guard flying out, that was something that was kind of interesting,” Kam said.

12 years later we can never forget.

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