Insects to blame for siren activation on Oahu, changes being made to Maui County sirens

Insects are to blame for waking up residents in Pearl City early Friday morning.

A State Civil Defense siren went off at about 1 a.m. Technicians say the issue has been fixed.

In a separate incident, 14 sirens were activated on Maui and Molokai. Officials say the cause was traced to improper setup of control boards used on older mechanical sirens. The setup of the control boards for the Maui County mechanical sirens caused them to sound for a short period when a cancellation command was sent through the system. No other Statewide Outdoor Warning Sirens were impacted by this issue.

Contractors on Maui inspected four of the affected sites and made the necessary changes. The siren manufacturer’s representative will correct the issue on the 10 remaining sirens next week.

“In Hawaii we all associate the Statewide Outdoor Warning Sirens with emergencies,” said Doug Mayne, Vice Director of Civil Defense. “We regret the disturbance and any anxiety caused by the unintentional sounding of the siren in Pearl City and the sirens on Maui and Molokai this morning. I would like to reassure the public that emergency siren activation will not happen without an accompanying Emergency Alert System message.”

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