Kalalau trail re-opens Saturday morning

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Division of State Parks will reopen the Kalalau trail in Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, Kauai on Saturday to hikers and campers.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration today released the site of the helicopter incident at Kalalau Beach to Airborne Aviation (AA) to begin removing its helicopter from Napali Coast State Wilderness Park.

The trail was closed Thursday due to an aviation accident at Kalalau beach that involved a hired Alliance Aviation helicopter, pilot and two State Park employees who were conducting a routine maintenance project in the park.

Only minor injuries were sustained by the passengers.

Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement officers maintained a security watch over the craft until it was removed.

Division of State Parks crews were concluding a three-day enforcement and maintenance project to clear and remove large quantities of discarded camping gear and associated trash and garbage from illegal campsites throughout Kalalau valley. It costs about $20,000 to remove these items from Kalalau via helicopter sling loads.

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