State agency to oversee workplace safety


The safety of Hawaii’s manufacturing industries will soon be the responsibility of the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health division.

Currently, the division shares the responsibility with OSHA to help rebuild and strengthen the safety and health regulatory environment in Hawaii.

As improvements take place the division will resume responsibility.

“When HIOSH experienced problems fulfilling its reponsiblities, Governor Abercrmobie’s administration worked closely with federal OSHA to address the problems,” OSHA assistant secretary Dorothy Dougherty said.

“Our goal is not only to restore the capacity we once had, but to become even stronger and more effective than we have ever been,” state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Dwight Takamine said.

States must set job safety and health standards that are at least as effective as federal standards.

They’re also required to do inspections to enforce standards, and provide free on-site consultation to help businesses identify and correct workplace hazards.


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