Possible tsunami debris washes ashore at Kualoa Beach

Honolulu Fire department officials say at about noon Sunday, someone called to report a propane tank with Japanese writing and barnacles was found at Kualoa Beach Park.

A spokeswoman with the Department of Land and Natural Resources says they haven’t retrieved the item yet, but once they do, they will check with the Japan Consulate for more information.

Click here to find out what you should do if you find marine debris that may be from Japan (PDF)

Be Safe: If you don’t know what it is and it looks hazardous don’t touch it. Collect as much information as you can from a safe distance.

Report: Call DLNR at (808) 587-0400 or send an email to dlnr.marine.debris@hawaii.gov and disasterdebris@noaa.gov to report findings of possible tsunami marine debris, including:

  • Large quantities of debris,
  • Debris with living organisms on it, or
  • Large sized debris (too large to remove by hand).

Please send the following information to help DLNR staff determine if a more thorough investigation is necessary. This information will also be logged in NOAA’s sightings tracker.

  • Photo of the debris,
  • Detailed description of the object and any growing organisms on it,
  • Date and time sighted or found,
  • Location of sighting, and
  • Finder’s contact information

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