Alleged child molester appears in court for extradition hearing

Anthony Williams

A man accused of child molestation in Georgia was in a Honolulu courtroom Wednesday morning fighting extradition to the mainland.

Anthony Williams told the court he is his own private attorney general and did not need legal representation.

Judge Richard Perkins granted his request and even allowed Williams, while he was in chains, to be handed legal documents by friends in the court.

“The person they are charging Anthony Williams is a corporate fiction not a legal person..that is not me I don’t have a social security number and I am actually a foreign diplomat,” Williams said.

“So you want to give him that [person] that is what I’ve been asking and this is his stuff?” Judge Perkins asked. “Fine, fine.”

On Thursday, the state is expected to present fingerprint proof of Williams’ identity and ask that he be returned to Georgia.

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