Mural unveiled at Convention Center after controversy

Forgotten Inheritance mural at Hawaii Convention Center by Hans Ladislaus (Photo courtesy Hans Ladislaus)

A controversial mural at the Hawaii Convention Center was unveiled Thursday night for the second time.

A piece called ‘Forgotten Inheritance’ was put up 17 years ago at the Convention Center but it has been covered up for the past few weeks after some people took offense to it.

There have been complaints about bones being shown in the art.

“They are not bones and they are anatomically incorrect on purpose. They are too large to be actual bones. I depicted the washing or the uncovering of iwi to be representative of construction and of progress in Hawaii destroying Hawaii,” artist Hans Ladislaus said.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority says it reached an agreement to continue to show the mural, based on mutual respect between the involved parties.

HTA CEO Mike McCartney also personally apologized to the artist for censoring his work.

From the artist’s website: “Forgotten Inheritance” is simply a reminder to all [inhabitants] of the Islands to respect and care for the fragile ecosystem and traditions which have been placed in our hands. The “bones” were made by hand in clay and then cast in hard plaster. They are purposefully NOT anatomically correct. They are meant to represent the occasional and unfortunate disturbances caused by land development… the “tossing aside of Heritage”. Why in sand, as though washed up on a beach? That symbolizes the natural, unintentional way in which culture is changed by the element of Time. An effort has to be maintained to hold dear what is important in a culture.

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