Department of Education honors employee of the year

The state Department of Education honored some of its finest on Friday at the State Capitol.

It gave the employee of the year award to Donna Therrien.

As a district support teacher she took it upon herself to give trainings for teachers in all 16 schools in the Castle-Kahuku area.

The work she did in teacher effectiveness now serves as a model for the state.

The team of the year award went to the Kaala Food Services team.

This six-member team feeds everyone at Kaala Elementary School in Wahiawa.

That is about 450 students, 75 staff members and children in the Head Start program.

Other awards given include:

Sustained Superior Performance Award

•Susan Harper, Curriculum Coordinator and Success for All Facilitator, Makawao Elementary, Maui District.

•Catherine L. Kaide, School Food Service Manager, Hilo Union Elementary, Hawaii District.

•Daralyn Ramos, Personnel Regional Officer Clerk, Central District Office, Office of Human Resources.

Team Excellence Award of Merit

•Makawao Elementary Cafeteria Staff, Maui District:
Stephanie Bayne, Sandra Calasa, Tiffany Calasa, Kwi Ae Esquibel, Phyllis Freitas, Antoinette Robinson, Nancy Shimabukuro, Ashley Waipa.

•School Administrative Services Assistant Academy Team, Office of Fiscal Services:
Cindi Akuna, Curtis Chang, Adele Chong, Kevin Drake, Erin Ebisuya, Earlyne Harada, Scott Jeffrey, Miki Kamimura, Tammy Keller, Lynn Kitaoka, Karie Klein, Rie Kodama, Gail Morimoto, Gail Nakaahiki, Elden Nakamura, Frances Pitzer, May Price, Lawrence Suan, Coleen Tanaka, Adri Wilson, Tracy Yoshikane.

•Waianae Complex Student Services Coordinators, Oahu District:
Kelly Kalinowsky, Grace Lorenzo, Kathy Mitchell, Gail Nakao, Mary Stamps, Mariko Thompson, and Kristy Wagatsuma.


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