Early birds line-up for iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s line

When it comes to the new iPhone 5s bling is the thing.

More than 200 people lined up outside the Apple Store at Ala Moana Center Friday morning waiting for the newest iPhones to go on sale.

Some buyers tried to get in a little early.

“They said you need to go back into the car until 4:50 because the mall opens at 5 so we snuck in at 4:30 and ended up being 60th I line,” said Patricia Naehu-Gutierrez. “I got the last two gold ones and they got the 16 gigs.”

Local Apple store representatives say the gold iPhone is available online and the website says that it will not be shipped until next month.

The silver and space gray models can be shipped in 7 to 10 business days.

Prices for the iPhone 5s start at $199.

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