Plumbing issues cause flooding at UH dorm

Even without the rain, there are flooding problems at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus.

Dorm rooms are flooded due to bad plumbing and they’re not getting fixed.

Kayani Singh lives on the 10th floor of the Hale Wainani Tower I. The problem started last week when the toilet started leaking all over the floor. Someone came over to supposedly fix it.

“But then a few days later it leaked again and we cleaned it up, and it stopped leaking. And so we thought the problem was fixed and it happened the third time,” Singh said.

The third time, it wasn’t just the bathroom. Water was also leaking down from the ceiling, through the cupboards, on the counter, and down the kitchen floor.

“It was especially annoying for me personally because I’m the one who owns the bath mats that we use and they’re the ones getting soaked. Now I have to get them laundered,” Singh said.

It’s not just his unit. Someone else from the 11th floor posted a video on Instagram, who says the leaky plumbing has been going on for a month.

On the 14th floor, the very top, flooding isn’t the problem.

“The toilet wasn’t working or anything else, so I called them up, ‘Hey, what’s the deal?'” Wainani Tower resident Yarrow Simmons said.

The toilet’s been fixed, but students haven’t been able to use their shower since Thursday.

“We’ve been going to G building, the building across the way to shower. They let our keys work for that,” Simmons said.

Simmons has been told the shower will be fixed by Tuesday. He can only hope.

“It’s not a huge deal, but it’s annoying,” Simmons said. “It’s like I’m paying for this bathroom and I can’t, you know.”

A spokeswoman for UH says a maintenance crew has replaced two pipes — one last week and another one Monday morning. Workers will continue to monitor the problem and if more problems occur, students are asked to contact the building staff.

Workers say the building was built in the 1970s, so the plumbing is definitely showing its age.

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