DOT cracking down on Honolulu airport tenants

Pilots and other tenants at Honolulu International Airport met Thursday night to discuss the state’s recent crackdown on businesses renting hangars.

After years of lenient enforcement, the Department of Transportation started handing out fines.

The state says they need to make sure tenants are in compliance so they can continue to receive funding from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Most tenants are being cited for storing non-aeronautical equipment.

The fines run between $25 and $100.

“Why don’t you come through, do your inspection, and issue corrective action? And then for those that need corrective action, come back through in 30 days, as a matter of fairness and if you haven’t corrected it, then cite the people,” tenant Charlie Goodwin asked.

“The worry I have is it will damage the support systems that keep the private aviation community alive,” tenant Doc Owens said.

Some tenants say they will pay the fines, while others say they’re willing to take the state to court.

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