Hawaii Tourism Authority warns of slowing trend

File photo Waikiki Beach
File photo Waikiki Beach

HONOLULU (AP) – The Hawaii Tourism Authority says 2.5 percent more visitors came to Hawaii in August compared to the same month last year, marking two years of continuous monthly growth.

But CEO Mike McCartney said in a statement Thursday the agency expects visitor arrivals and traveler spending to slow in the fall.

He says fluctuating fuel costs, the strength of the dollar against other currencies and economic conditions have been affecting the length of time visitors stay in the islands.

Traveler spending rose just under 1 percent during the month.

Arrivals from the western U.S. dropped for the first time in nearly two years, falling 1.3 percent. But eastern U.S. arrivals climbed 2.4 percent.

Nearly 2 percent more travelers visited from Japan, but they spent 10 percent less compared to last August.

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