Boater fined for using motor boat in Waimea Bay


A reckless boater has been fined and put on probation after nearly running over three swimmers at Waimea Bay.

It was all captured on video.

A Waialua resident reported the incident and sent a video with it.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources says the boater, Perry Rauch, nearly ran over two swimmers, and then nearly ran over a fisherman.

Motorized boats are not allowed at Waimea Bay.

“Very reckless and extremely dangerous, we’ve seen what a person looks like when a boat hits that person, it’s not a pretty sight and it becomes very unfortunate when a fatality occurs as a result,” state Department of Land and Natural Resources DOCARE Administrator Randy Awo said.

The boater was fined $855 and must serve six months probation.

Additional information: Hawaii Administrative Rules §13-256-63 Sharks Cove, Three Tables Point, and Waimea Bay ocean waters

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