Hawaii lawmakers react to government shutdown

Lawmakers from Hawaii shared their statements about the government shutdown.

From U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono:

“Republicans accomplished two things tonight, both bad,” said Hirono. “They have manufactured a crisis over Obamacare and shut down the government. And they have shown to the American people how far they are willing to go with their anti-compromise ideology, taking paychecks away from thousands of workers, families and businesses in Hawaii and millions more across the country. The country is being held hostage by a few dozen hardliners in the House who seem to be incapable of compromise. This is sad, and frankly stupid, considering the many other challenges our country faces.”

From U.S. Senator Brian Schatz:

“Despite knowing that a government shutdown would hurt seniors, veterans, families, and dedicated public servants, as well as put our economic well-being at risk, House Republicans have stubbornly refused to agree to fund the federal government,” said U.S. Senator Brian Schatz. “Due to their recklessness, the United States government has been forced to shutdown. Every moment that the government remains closed endangers our economy and American families across the country. I will keep working to pass a Continuing Resolution that reopens the government.”

From U.S. Representative. Hanabusa:

“This is an embarrassing day for Congress. It is unfortunate that Speaker Boehner and his caucus insisted on putting the priorities of a radical segment in their party above those of the American people. With so much at stake and time ticking away, they continued down this misguided path instead of working with Democrats to bring a clean spending bill to the floor and keep the government’s doors open. In a time that demanded leadership, they offered brinkmanship.

“I believe it is inappropriate to take this debate to a joint conference, which can be a long and time consuming process, because it is critical that we end this government shutdown immediately and try to reverse the damage this uncertainty has already caused our citizens and economy. I will continue to urge Speaker Boehner to bring a clean spending bill to the floor.”

From U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard:

“I am deeply disappointed by the political rhetoric and games that have been played over the past week. Valid concerns and issues have been raised, but are issues that should be debated and solved without holding our government hostage, with countless people in Hawai’i and across the nation feeling the brunt of the painful impacts. I encourage my constituents to review the resources available on my website. during the shutdown, as I continue to work towards a common-sense solution to this unnecessary shutdown as soon as possible.”

From Acting Governor Shan Tsutsui:

“It is extremely unfortunate that Congress was unable to reach agreement on a federal spending plan because a federal shutdown will ultimately negatively impact all states and could derail economic recovery. Governor Abercrombie’s Administration, including his financial team, has put forth tremendous effort over the last three years to improve the State of Hawaii’s financial condition by making tough choices that have put us on the path towards a healthy economy. We will continue to examine the potential impact of the shutdown on our State.”

From Gov. Neil Abercrombie:

“The State of Hawaii cannot substitute for the federal government nor assume its obligations. However, with the report from the Sequestration Impact Response Team in hand, resources funded this past legislative session, and the readiness of all departments in the administration to respond to the shutdown, we are confident in our ability to address immediate contingencies. It is the clear responsibility of Congress to end the shutdown as quickly as possible and to meet continuously until that is accomplished.”


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