FAA safety organization impacted by government shutdown


The Federal Aviation Administration’s safety organization is also being impacted by the government shutdown.

The department normally has about 7,000 workers across the nation, but they’ve had to cut back to 310 during the initial days of the shutdown.

The organization says if the furlough lasts longer than a few days, it will bring back as many as 2,500 workers to work incrementally.

FAA Statement:

Safety is our top priority. The FAA continues to support President Obama’s FY2014 budget, and strongly believes that Congress should resolve the lapse in appropriations immediately. The FAA has prepared a contingency plan in which air traffic controllers and other essential employees will continue working in order to maintain the safety of the national airspace system. If the furlough extends longer than a few days, we will incrementally begin to recall specific employees back to work to meet continuing safety needs. These personnel may include safety inspectors, engineers and technical support staff.

It is unknown how this affects us locally.


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