Public hearing held for Kakaako high-rises

Public Hearing - 801 South Street

Residents voiced their concerns on Wednesday about a proposed development in the area of the former Honolulu Advertiser building.

The developer of 801 South Street wants to add two condo towers over 1,000 units for middle-income families.

Construction is already underway for the first tower. The second tower is awaiting approval from the Hawaii Community Development Authority.

“I want to own my own home and as a single woman with one income, there are not that many opportunities, especially here in Honolulu,” said LuAnn Grant, who supports the project.

“The HCDA violated OIA administrative rules 15-22-10D and Article Nine Section 8 of our Constitution,” said George Outlaw, who opposes the project.

So far, the HCDA has received more than 6,000 inquires from interested buyers.

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