Report: Honolulu roads among roughest in US

Honolulu-area roads are among the nation’s most deteriorated, according to a report released Thursday by the national transportation research group, TRIP.

The report found 43 percent of major roads in the Honolulu urban area are in poor condition, costing drivers $598 each year in additional vehicle operating costs.

The Honolulu urban area ranks 19th among large cities (500,000+) in the annual cost to motorists of driving on rough roads and 13th in the percentage of roads in poor condition.

Topping the list was Long Beach and Santa Ana, Calif., with 64 percent of roads in poor conditions.

The report examines urban pavement conditions, transportation funding, and economic development.

In 2011, more than one-quarter of the nation’s major urban roads — interstates, freeways and other arterial routes — had pavements that were in substandard condition and provided an unacceptably rough ride to motorists, costing the average urban driver $377 annually. The nationwide annual cost of driving on deteriorated roads totals $80 billion.

“The Hawaii Department of Transportation is in the process of an ambitious plan to address the state’s aging highway infrastructure. Some of our current major projects include the $42 million H-1 Freeway Rehabilitation project. Other major resurfacing projects that are set to begin this year or early next year include Vineyard Boulevard, Kalanianaole Highway in East Honolulu, and Kamehameha Highway in Central Oahu,” Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Glenn Okimoto said. “The neighbor islands are also seeing much work including the Lahaina Bypass Road on Maui, Keaau-Pahoa Shoulder Lane Conversion project on Hawaii Island, and the Lihue Mill Bridge project on Kauai, just to mention a few.”

The full report can be viewed here.

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