UH West Oahu students getting money back

University of Hawaii-West Oahu

University of Hawaii West Oahu students are getting some money back. Just days ago, KHON2 exposed just how much UH was collecting in student fees for nonexistent services.

More than $100,000 will go back to students who paid last semester for things the university never delivered.

KHON2 started investigating after a student looked at his bill, which had just jumped from $5 to $120 per semester.

The student saw things that just aren’t in service at West Oahu yet like transportation and a nurse or clinic, and called Action Line.

When KHON2 asked officials, they first told us consider it more of a reserve fund for things they’ll do someday and that sometimes in life you have to pay for things you might never get to use.

Apparently on Tuesday, they had a change of heart, sending out an email that a refund is coming.

“I’m very happy. Action Line did a wonderful job and Gina Mangieri’s investigation, with her investigation, justice was served,” UH West Oahu student Frank Bright said. “I feel like this was a learning experience for students that if you see an injustice happening, you should do what is right.”

It comes on the eve of the legislative session that starts Wednesday.

After seeing our story last week, the state Senate President said she’d introduce legislation to prevent students from having to pay for things they don’t get.

So just how much are students getting back?

With this refund, according to the notice from UH West Oahu, $64 per person — $26 for transportation, $30 for health and also $8 for technology — as long as the student doesn’t owe them for something else.

That should all pencil out to more than $100,000 back in students’ pockets.

We’re awaiting more details from UH West Oahu, like what they plan to do this semester. They told us last week they’re just weeks away from providing what will likely be a part-time student-driven van and a part-time health-related position.

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