Fans get ready for NFC Championship

Space Needle in Seattle

(CNN) — The Seattle Seahawks are one-win away from heading to the Super Bowl.

Fans of the team, and much of the city, are excited. Especially because Sunday’s game is against their hated rival, the San Francisco 49ers.

But despite the bad blood, some San Fran followers made the trek to Seattle.

There are certain things you expect to see when you come to Seattle. The Space Needle, a line outside the door of the very first Starbucks, and flying fish in Pikes Market.

And Seahawks fans, lots and lots of Seahawks fans.

What we weren’t sure we’d see much of, Niners fans.

But there they were today. Out and about. Loud and proud.

One other thing you wouldn’t expect to see in Seattle. An official 49ers bar.

So when we got a tip that there was such a place we just had to check it out.

Turns out, our tip was wrong.

Myrl Ackerman, the general manager of Sluggers, says his bar being labeled as a 49ers bar is all one big and unfortunate misunderstanding.

“We got a group of guys that came in and, sadly enough, the customer’s always right. We had to be nice to them, despite what they were wearing, the 49ers colors. We started to cater to them and they started to breed like rats. Two turned into four, four turned into eight. Twenty people are now back there. They just keep coming,”  Myrl said.

Myrl says he’s expecting maybe sixty 49ers fans in his bar come Sunday.

And he says he’s ready for them.

“We’re going to set them up right in here. I think this is a good table for them,” Myrl said.

The winner of this game represents the NFC in the Super Bowl.

That team will face off against the winner of the meeting between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.

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