Crowds pack venues to watch football playoffs

Football fever

Lots of football fans gathered at their favorite venues to enjoy the playoffs Sunday.

The crowd was pretty evenly divided between Seahawks and Niners fans. Football fever is rampant now as the AFC and NFC head to the Super Bowl.

Before then, Hawaii will host the Pro Bowl which brings upwards of $25 million into the local economy.

In the meantime, local fans are doing their part to help the economy by patronizing places like Dave & Buster’s. One fan told KHON2 it’s often more fun to watch the game with friends and family.

“Yes, it is. Everybody’s safe. It’s pretty cool. No real animosity. It’s nice, it’s good,” Niners fan Jubie Nabong said.

Not only is this a friendly setting, Seattle fans sat side by side with Niners fans.

“Yes, sir, for the most part we are. My family’s actually down at the bottom right now. This is my friend Tony. Forty-Niners fan, so we’re watching the game together,” Seahawks fan Ramiro Romero said.

Let there be no doubt about who Romero is rooting for. He wore a Seahawks jersey with his name “FAN” on the back.

And remember, this is all a build up to the big game when this bistro and others will host hundreds of fans.

“We do. We have a party going on in our Paina Hale party room upstairs where you order food and we have a whole bunch of prizes to give away. All of that’s planned, so come on down to the Super Bowl. It’s a great place. We have a huge TV screen to watch,” Dave & Buster’s Manager Christine Hinokuma said.

True fans wear their colors proudly, including young Ethan Nabong.

“Are you a 49ers fan?” KHON2 asked.

“Yes!” Nabong said.

There were some friendly wagers made Sunday, but not by Hinokuma.

“The Packers are out,” Hinokuma said.

No Packers this year, but the Super Bowl will feature Denver and Seattle on Feb. 2 on KHON2.

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