Driver in deadly crash apologizes

Derek "Ula" Lino

It’s been three days since a moped rider was killed in Wahiawa just up the road from where he lived.

Derek “Ula” Lino was hit by a pickup truck.

His family has been camped out at the crash site ever since, and it’s right in front of where the pickup truck driver lives.

Both families are taking this hard.

Two families — on different sides of the fence. Both feeling pain. Different kinds of pain.

Within a matter of seconds on Friday night, their lives were changed forever.

“I never going see him again. I want my son back. Anybody, please, I do anything for my son to come back,” said Melody Aguinaldo, Lino’s mother.

Her son was only 21-years-old.

The driver of the pickup truck, Burgundy Kerisiano, is also only 21-years-old.

She’s remorseful about what happened.

“I was praying the whole night that he would be fine, until they told me that he passed away,” Kerisiano said.

She said she was coming home from work, heading down Kilani Avenue, was making a left turn to park in front of her house, and never saw the moped coming from the opposite direction.

That was just before 7 p.m. on Friday. It was already dark.

“The only time I noticed something was happening was when I heard screeching and I could see sparks. All I could see was sparks coming towards my vehicle, and then I felt a big bang, and when I felt that, I didn’t know what happened. So when I went outside to see what went on, that’s when I saw him laying in the back of my truck,” Kerisiano said.

Lino was pronounced dead at Wahiawa General Hospital.

His mother and family have been sitting at the crash site, mourning his loss.

“I told them I was sorry. I went to put flowers on his memorial. Can’t ever think about my mom burying me before I got the chance to say goodbye to her,” Kersiano said.

“She said she was sorry, but sorry not going bring my son back,” Aguinaldo said.

She said on Friday night, her son told her he was just going up the road and would be right back.

Less than five minutes later, she found out he had been in an accident.

“You got to love your kids now because you’re not promised tomorrow,” Aguinaldo said.

Police say Lino may have been speeding. It’s 25 miles per hour in that area and he was not wearing a helmet.

Aguinaldo says she doesn’t like mopeds and thinks they should be banned.

Lino was the second moped rider to die in as many days.

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