NFL showdown means business boost

Side Street Inn

The big showdown in New Jersey is set with Broncos and Seahawks fans anxiously awaiting the game.

But it’s not just a big day for football fans.

For some eateries, it’s one of the busiest days of the year with people ordering food platters and packing restaurants.

It’s considered, by some, as a national holiday. Football fans are ready for one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

“I’m a Denver Broncos fan,” one woman said.

“Seattle Seahawks,” another person said.

A lot of fans will catch the big game at a local restaurant.

“Being that Seattle and Denver are big Hawaii-based fans, we expect to be sold out again,” said Rob Acoba, operations manager for Side Street Inn on Kapahulu Avenue.

Side Street Inn has been planning its annual tailgate party since the beginning of December. The restaurant has sold more than 100 tickets including to people who will be visiting from the mainland. It costs $35 per person and includes prizes and a buffet.

“Again, you got all of Side Street’s favorites: pork chops, fried rice, poke, oysters, shrimp cocktail. Everything you can imagine,” Acoba said.

The big football showdown on Feb. 2 is one of their busiest days, after Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Other restaurants will also be slammed with orders.

“Besides Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, that’s probably the biggest catering day for Sugoi,” said Zachary Lee, owner of Sugoi.

The eatery in Kalihi offers a variety of different platters, but is best known for its garlic chicken. Sugoi could cook up to 800 pounds of chicken on football’s biggest day.

“That equates to about 35 to maybe 50 platters of chicken and money wise, maybe double of our daily sales,” Lee said.

Sugoi will try to accommodate all orders that day, including walk-ins, before it closes at 11 a.m.

The party at Side Street Inn will likely be sold out the week before the big game, but the restaurant will try to accommodate walk-ins on that day.

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