Officials get ready for massive swell


With waves predicted to rise up to 50 feet, there’s serious concern whether North Shore homes near the coastline, already hit hard by erosion, could hold up when the swell arrives Wednesday.

“We want the residents to know that that this is a very hazardous event. Folks along the shorelines that have been impacted by coastal erosions before should be prepared to evacuate if there is a threat of hazard to their home,” said John Cummings, Department of Emergency Management.

Cummings says the largest waves are expected to arrive mid-morning and last all the way through the afternoon. With massive waves sticking around that long, damage could be substantial.

“These waves will be impacting the shoreline for a long period and what will happen is it will keep the ocean water high near the shoreline, allowing the waves to go farther into the shoreline and increase the effect on coastal erosion,” Cummings said.

Waves could also wash up onto the major roadways, so area residents can expect some road closures.

First responders such as the police, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Service personnel are on alert. The American Red Cross will also be standing by to provide shelter.

Breaking waves could also make it difficult or even impossible to enter or leave harbors.

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