Ask HPD: Children in vehicles

Courtesy: Honolulu Police Department

Honolulu Police Department Capt. Andrew Lum answers this week’s question.

Question: How old must a child be to ride in the front seat of a car?

Answer: It is recommended that all children under 13 years old ride in the back seat to avoid contact with the front seat air bag system.  They are almost always safer in the back seat.

Question: How old do kids have to be to sit in a booster?

Answer: Hawaii’s Child Passenger Restraint Law requires that children less than four years old must ride in a child safety seat.

Children four years old but less than eight years old must ride in a child passenger restraint or booster seat if they are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh less than 40 pounds.

Larger children may be seated in the rear and use the required seat belt assembly. Lap belts should lie across the upper thighs and not the stomach.

The shoulder belt should fit across the chest and not the neck. Drivers who do not comply and are cited will be required to appear in court.

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