Big surf threatens North Shore homes

Rocky Point homes

Hitting the bags again, punch drunk from days of non-stop body blows by the mighty Pacific Ocean.

“Keep trying to figure out what to do. Just delay, delay, delay,” Rocky Point homeowner Alice Lunt said.

“Yeah, completely helpless. I mean there are three inches of sand we got in the yard last night. So, it’s not helping. And it’s like throwing buckets of water at a forest fire you know,” Rocky Point homeowner Kenneth Dombrowski said.

This is a prize fight that has been going for weeks now, with the property owners throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the erosion problem, eating its way towards their homes.

“As you guys can see, we’ve done all kinds of different things to try and keep the waves from coming up,” Rocky Point homeowner Krystle Dombrowski said.

It’s left even best friends weary from the fight.

“That tarp is saving us,” one person said.

“Without it, the water is just going to go right up,” Lunt said.

For the half dozen or so homeowners, it’s become a waiting game — preparing for the worst.

“Monitoring the situation. When it gets closer to the peak, my wife will take the kids and we’ll still stay, let the tenants know that they’ve got to leave,” Kenneth Dombrowski said.

“Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, yeah,” Lunt said.

“We wanted to make sure if we needed to evacuate the people. Because when we saw on the news that the Red Cross was setting up shelters we were like, ‘Wow, I guess this is kind of serious,'” Krystle Dombrowski said.

They’re hoping for the best.

“I feel like if we can get through today. I mean, at noon, I would like the whole thing to just drop,” Lunt said.

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