Large surf batters Oahu’s North Shore

Huge waves pounded the North Shore on Wednesday, putting on quite a show for those who made it out there.

And there were a lot of people who just did not want to miss this swell.

“I’ve got some mates back in Aussie that I’ve already sent videos to, who keep asking for more videos, more videos. They want to see more,” Australian visitor Micka Murphy said.

Murphy has been wowing his friends back home with shots of the North Shore, but he and nearly everyone else there say there’s nothing like seeing the huge waves in person.

“It’s crazy. Honestly, these are probably the biggest waves I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Canadian visitor Peter Panais said.

“Two days ago, we came and we saw it. I thought the waves were crazy and so I dipped my foot in and I left,” Canadian visitor Vicky Panais said.

You don’t have to be a tourist to appreciate the power behind these waves. Locals, including North Shore residents, were excited about this once-in-a-decade event.

“It’s a spectacle. It’s incredible. It’s so big and massive and powerful and it’s really a special thing to watch for sure,” North Shore resident Daniela Power said.

Emergency officials were worried that some wave watchers would get too close to the shoreline, but most people heeded the warnings and kept a safe distance.

Waves did wash up on to Kamehameha Highway, bringing sand and debris.

Winds picked up, leaving utility lines dangling precariously, but caused no major problems.

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