Pflueger sentencing delayed due to health reasons

James Pflueger

Sentencing for retired auto dealer James Pflueger has been delayed for six weeks because he is too sick to travel.

That’s according to a doctor who is treating Pflueger for a heart condition and skin cancer.

Pflueger was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Last July, the 87-year-old Pflueger pleaded no contest to reckless endangerment in connection with the 2006 Ka Loko dam break. Pflueger is accused of altering the dam’s spillway, causing it to burst during heavy rains, killing seven people.

According to court documents, Dr. Donald Nicol said, “Travel is not advised for the next six weeks.”

The no contest plea means Pflueger will serve five years probation. But the state could still argue at sentencing that he do community service, pay a fine, or serve a year behind bars.

Pflueger’s company, Pacific 808 Properties, pleaded no contest to seven counts of manslaughter and agreed to pay a fine of $50,000 for each person’s death.

Pflueger’s attorneys declined to comment on the delay.

The new hearing date is set for April 10.

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