Strong winds impact Oahu’s Waianae coast

File photo

From big waves to whipping winds, Mother Nature unleashed her fury onto the Waianae coast of Oahu.

“Have you ever seen it like this?” KHON2 asked.

“Never. Never. All the years I”ve been here, this is the worst I’ve seen it,” Waianae resident Lorenzo Casabar said.

“Ho, the wind is more bigger than the waves and more terrible,” Waianae resident Keala Alapai said.

The winds were so powerful, they knocked down a tree near Pokai Bay.

“Over here, came strong the wind. We when turn our heads, we when look, we seen the tree falling down on the road,” Waianae resident Andrew Gilman said.

Honolulu firefighters responded and worked to clear the debris on Pokai Bay Street.

Also in Waianae, Mother Nature damaged a garage roof on Hakimo Road.

Nearby, the winds created a dangerous situation — a traffic light signal dangling on Farrington Highway. Honolulu police closed a small section of the highway just in case the signal fell.

The wind also knocked out numerous traffic lights on Farrington Highway in Waianae and Maili.

At Makaha, it was quite a scene, the big waves and high winds made for choppy conditions. Waianae Boat Harbor was impassable.

Because of the weather conditions, officials closed Yokohama Bay Tuesday afternoon. It remained closed on Wednesday. but it’s not stopping people from coming to see the high winds and big surf.

“Scary. It’s humongous,” Waianae resident Cherish Tabangcura said.

“They’re just one right after another and they seem enormous,” Makaha resident Lenae Sisco said. “The fact that there are no surfers out here tells me a lot. I think they’re pretty big.”

At Pokai Bay, KHON2 did spot a surfer paddling out. Majority of residents did not take any chances and did not mess with Mother Nature.

“No more this kind wind in Waianae. This feels like Kailua,” Alapai said.

The Honolulu Fire Department responded to seven calls of blown roofs across Oahu on Wednesday.

Firefighters also responded to four calls of downed power lines, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

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