Wild weather creates excitement, anxiety

North Shore surf will remain at warning level heights and that’s causing a lot of headaches.

There were massive size swells that have not let up, even rising up a bit late Wednesday night during the high tide.

A stretch of beach on the North Shore is closed. It’s where several homeowners have been battling beach erosion all winter long.

Wednesday’s high surf also tore down portions of a tarp at the sandy cliff below Rocky Point, as waves continued to wash up the embankment in super strong surges.

But so far, the work homeowners have done to protect their property is holding.

American Red Cross volunteers were going door-to-door to homeowners, checking if they were ok and if they had enough supplies in case they needed to evacuate.

A shelter is on standby as well.

So far, everyone is staying in place monitoring Mother Nature to see what she shells out at them.

Parts of Kamehameha Highway and side streets were also covered by water, sand, and debris Wednesday night from the large surf.

Earlier, the super swell rapidly built up throughout the day and is still bringing bomb sets.

Thousands of people took the drive out to the North Shore to see the surf that was touted as the largest in a decade.

It turned the highway into a parking lot with bumper-to-bumper traffic for miles.

Just about every beach lookout to watch the massive surf was packed full of people.

Waimea Bay was closed and all beaches were off limits to even experienced surfers.

The bay will remain closed through Thursday as well.

Homeowners will likely have another restless night watching the waves, not to mention the thunderous noise each time a set rolls up just feet from their homes.

The waves are not expected to die down until Friday.

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