Sources: Suspect’s gun jammed while firing at police

Kealaolu Street

Honolulu police say 32-year-old Nicolas Nakano was driving a stolen white Honda that flipped over on the corner of Makaiwa and Moho Streets in Kahala as he was trying to pass another car Thursday night.

Police say he then ran off and officers caught up with him on Kealaolu Street. That’s when he allegedly fired his gun at police officers.

“And then there was just a huge number of policemen out on the street. Obviously, they had been pursuing him,” witness Andy Butler said.

Sources say Nakano kept firing his pistol, but it jammed after the first shot. Officers on the scene were clearly emotional about the close call they just went through — one of them practically collapsing after the arrest. He then gestures to a fellow officer explaining what just happened.

Witnesses say Nakano also put up a fight as officers arrested him.

“He was screaming and yelling and cursing and he definitely was resisting arrest,” Butler said.

Sources also say that Nakano is suspected to be part of a group that is selling automatic weapons and grenades. Sources told KHON2 he had an AK-47 in the car Thursday night and was wearing a bulletproof vest along with a wig when police started chasing him.

Nakano has a criminal record that goes back as far as 2001. He’s been arrested 30 times and convicted 22 times. Thirteen of those were felonies, which include kidnapping, robbery, and car theft.

“He was originally sentenced to prison in 2003 as a youthful offender on seven different felony offenses,” Hawaii Paroling Authority Administrator Tommy Johnson said.

The Hawaii Paroling Authority says Nakano was just released from prison in October. Two months later, there was a warrant out for his arrest.

“Unfortunately, he continued his criminal ways and we issued a warrant for his arrest on Dec. 5, 2013 for alleged parole violations including use of illegal drugs,” Johnson said.

One police officer had minor injuries from the arrest.

Nakano was taken to the hospital with a broken jaw, a broken nose, and cuts to his head.

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